€/FPS test result explanation

€/FPS test result explanation

So in this test we are letting us know how much is the actual cost for each FPS we manage to achieve in a particular graphics benchmark. For example lets say you want to play Battlefield 1 on High settings but you don’t know what GPU will be the best option to do that, as far as buying cost is considered…

With the help of this test we achieve to display the price for one FPS, so if you are getting lets say 60fps and the GPU costs 200, it will be calculated :

GPU buying Price / AVG FPS = Price of one FPS


We are doing all our FPS tests with Firestrike Benchmark with the same settings, so that its same for every GPU we test.

In this way it is easier to choose what GPU to buy if you want the best value for money result. Of course this test is not always 100% accurate.