How to collaborate with other YouTubers?

Howto collaborate with other YouTubers YouTube-Collaborate

Collaborate with other YouTubers

During the creation of the #theXperiment I read about Youtube collaboration and how can I collaborate with other YouTubers. The thing is that every Youtuber want to have more subscribers and more views on his channel. So I thought, why not incorporate this in the website? Building a “small” community on this site we could all achieve better results on YouTube!

Howto collaborate with other YouTubers YouTube-Collaborate
How to YouTube Collaborate?

My idea is a little bit different from that what you may heard of. Apart from the fact that we could promote each other in our videos and social accounts, we could also make our videos rank higher in search engine rankings from Google, Bing and Yahoo. That would lead to more viewers and more subscribers!!

The idea…

Basically that what we will do is:

First, every member will have the ability to post an article on this website. Post his/her video with the Title, description, meta tags, keywords etc. so that it could be found as an article on all search engines and not only as a video on Youtube. That will lead traffic to the website and with your embed video it will lead to more views. I will do all the optimization in order to make the video rank higher. Also, think that there will be more collabs and with every collab we will have more articles, keywords etc. that will make the traffic raise and search rank will raise too.

Second, if you make content like music, photos, graphics, templates etc. and you promote them through Youtube you can earn more fans, Subscribers, views and potential buyers! Additionally, there will be a personal page with your social info and links to your content, more on this topic and how to take a BIG benefit from this, later…

Third and very important, this is a multilingual website. That means for example, that you can post your video with translated content, Title, description in the language you want and lead even more traffic to your videos! Isn’t that awesome? Knowing how important that is and the difference it can make using multiple languages, we could help each other on this! Like a translation exchange thing… We could make an extra page for that actually!

There are much more we can do, that’s up to us! We can also help each other with tips, advices and teamwork! I’m sure now that you think what is my benefit from this? Well, I would like some credit to my channel in your videos… and a link to the website… from which you will also benefit because more traffic means better ranking for your videos too!

So what do you say? You have nothing to lose! Let’s collaborate with other YouTubers!

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