The 90$ Core i3 Gaming PC + Rocket League Giveaway | Part 2

The 90$ Core i3 Gaming PC + Rocket League Giveaway

The 90$ Core i3 Gaming PC + RocketLeague GIVEAWAY Part 2
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So in this video, I am continuing building the budget Core i3 Gaming PC where I installed a GeForce GT1030. This time I will be doing some aesthetic modifications on it, painting the case and different parts, adding fans etc… It will all be done on a budget using old parts as I want to keep it a budget build… so I hope you enjoy it!

System Specs
Core i3-4130 3.40GHz
8GB DDR3 RAM at 1600MHz
ASUS H87-Pro Motherboard
Nvidia GeForce GT1030 2GB OC
Windows 10 64bit

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