Intel Core i5-11400 Review, PC Build & Benchmarks #RTX3090 #corei5

Intel Core i5-11400 Review, PC Build & Benchmarks (RTX 3070)

Today we are going to do a PC Build using the recently released Intel Core i5 11400. We will also compare its performance paired with an RTX 3070, against some other builds we did in the past, in order to see where this combo stands in terms of gaming performance.

Parts used for this Build
Deepcool Macube 110 –
Core i5 11400 –
ASRock H570M Pro4 –
16GB DDR4 HyperX –
Gainward RTX 3070 Phoenix –
Kingston 480GB A400 M.2 –
BeQuiet 600Watt –
Deepcool AS500 –
Deepcool CF120 Plus –

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Kingston –

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