KFA2 RTX 3060 8GB vs 12GB | Which should you buy? #RTX3060

KFA2 RTX 3060 8GB vs 12GB | Which should you buy?

Nvidia released a NEW RTX 3060 but this time with 8GB of VRAM! The first 3060 had 12GB of VRAM which was first released almost 2 years ago, and a few weeks ago we can now buy a cheaper version of the GPU with less VRAM and as it seems, less performance also.
But how faster is the 12GB compared to the 8GB RTX 3060? Watch the video to find out!

Official Product Website: https://www.kfa2.com/kfa2/graphics-card/30-series/geforce-rtx-3060-oc-8gb.html

Buy on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3YQXXRy

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RTX3060 #KFA2

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