Laptop Keyboard Repair – Rubber Cup Spring Fix MSI Medion Akoya

Laptop Keyboard Repair - Rubber Cup Spring fix MSI Medion Akoya

Laptop Keyboard Repair – Rubber Cup Spring fix MSI Medion Akoya

Here is a small tutorial on how to save some money on your laptop keyboard repair. Usually repairing a laptop keyboard that has a few keys that are not responding indicates that you need a new keyboard. Here we have a defective rubber cup that we need to fix from an MSI MEDION AKOYA Laptop.

Want to know How to remove, move, swap and replace keys on a Laptop Keyboard?

In our video Tutorials we show you how easy it is to disassemble and reassemble keyboard keys in order to repair them, clean them or even replace them if they are broken.

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This tutorial shows step by step how to fix a key where the rubber cup spring was cut out. Also use this guide in order to remove any keyboard key without damaging the key and place it back together.

You can use the video to fix other keys too as the pattern of the plastic hinges are almost the same, just use the same method. We have videos for different types of keycaps all of which you can find in our channel.

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