How to optimize and get Facebook Page Likes

how to get Facebook page likes easily tutorial

Do you want to get more Facebook Page Likes?

how to get Facebook page likes easily tutorialFirst things first, in this scenario we are creating a Facebook account for our website but there is a little trick in that. Normally we would create a Facebook Page so that we can link it and get Likes from all our fans, but that’s not the case. In order to make more followers faster and get Facebook Page Likes, we will create a personal account and make friend requests to people that are interested in our subject.

The scheme behind this idea is first to create a personal account, then optimize it with pictures, links, logos and posts that are related and connected to our website. Then find targeted groups and people and make friend requests, after that you can transform your personal Facebook account to a Page and transform all your friends. to Facebook Page LikesEasy right? Let’s begin with creating the account.

How to create a Facebook account?

Make sure you have an email address first, then go to and register a personal account.

get facebook page likes easy tutorial

After that go to your account and add a profile picture and cover. You must make it in this way so that it is clear to everyone what you are adding him as a friend. Add your logos links everything. We will make a Tutorial on “How to optimize your Facebook Cover and Profile Picture”.

how to get facebook page likes easy tutorial

Now go to the search tab and find a page with potential friends / subscribers. How to do that? Think of very famous Facebook page that is related to your topic, Like it and go to its posts and find a post with some Likes.

how to get facebook page likes easy hack

Click on that and you will see all the people that liked it and also a small add button on the right. You can make to all these people friend request and it is most likely that they will add you and follow you as it is something related!

how to get facebook page likes easy trick

With the exact same way it works with groups too, the only difference is that in some groups you must first join it in order to see its posts. If you liked this tutorial make sure you join all our social accounts!


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