#theXperiment – Step by Step to build our way up!

Step by Step to build our way up!

So last time we spoke about the idea behind the #theXperiment and why I’m doing it, so now we will start Step by Step to build our way up! From your side you don’t need to write down everything because as I told you that’s an experiment which I’m doing.

In my opinion, we should start  creating all these FAMOUS social accounts in every platform. That’s because we want to attract as many people as possible to follow us and take part in our journey! For me it will work both for the experiment, blog  and Youtube channel.

I have already a Youtube account so I will just add it in the list with a direct link to subscribe option. Here is the List

If you don’t know how to make an account that’s not a problem, we will create separate articles on how to create an account and how to optimize it and make it better.  First lets start from creating a Facebook account, but we will keep that post separate and call it :

How to create and get Facebook Page Likes?

We will create an account as a person and in the future transform it to a Facebook Page. Then we should go on and do the same for Twitter.

How to create a twitter account?

I was so concentrated in what to write and completely forgot to mention that in order to write all these stuff I have bought a domain alongside with Hosting services and installed  Wordpress. It is not so important now as you can go to wordpress.org and make an account and create a free blog for the moment.

How to create a free account on WordPress and start blogging.

For the moment that’s enough because we have to customize our blog / website as its completely stock for the moment. Let me show you :

Tech-profis stock website the begining

We will customize and optimize it  together in the next articles so make sure you have already your own WordPress website!

Did you find this article more interesting? Then continue reading our next article!

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