How can I promote myself? #theXperiment

How can I promote myself?

Here I am again with one more post. You see before I start doing all these I did some questions to myself. promote myself? How can I promote that what I’m doing? How can I get more traffic? How can I get more Followers? How can I get more views on Youtube?

I thought of Facebook, Twitter and so on and I think it’s a very good place to start with, but I needed a place where I could post stuff and make my work more complete and gathered all in one place in order to be easier for everyone to access and see it.  That’s how I thought to make a website for this purpose, where I could put all my work and link it then to all my social accounts.

My idea is that it has the following scheme :

sharing chain SEO strategy

What is my website about?

My blog / website and all my social media will be related to Computers, Technology, Hacks , Tricks, Repairs and Tutorials because it is something that I like,I have some experience and I have some already started projects. You can choose to do anything you like, any subject that fits to you like a hobby you do or something you really like doing.

I own a small company that repairs PCs and sells used parts, and I have already the Youtube channel so all my posts and the whole project will be related to that stuff. Note that the #theXperiment is an alongside project which I’m doing for the reasons I told you in previous articles.

I don’t want  to stay behind in my Youtube Channel that’s why I’m going to dedicate more time on my videos and I think its the best place to start from. I will make an extra category for youtube tutorials but everything I do will be written under the #theXperiment category!

Now it is time to give some color and shape to my website! In the following articles we will start giving shape and customize the website.

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