How to install and optimize Jetpack Plugin Tutorial?

Installing and optimizing Jetpack Plugin Tutorial.

Like all the widgets we just make the same steps. Go to plugins, search forWordpress subscribers, stats and social organising tool the jetpack plugin and install it normally. This tool is a must have for
every user of WordPress as it helps a lot in many aspects. So lets start with the Jetpack Plugin Tutorial.

So, now that we have our jetpack widget installed go to its settings and take a look. First, we must connect to jetpack to make working.

jetpack plugin tutorial install and optimize

After you click the connect button you will see the following screen asking you to log in into your account. If you have your ownjetpack plugin tutorial install and optimize techprofis domain please do not try to enter your login info as it won’t work. That what you need to do is to create an account on and use this login info to connect the Jetpack widget. If you use already the free service of WordPress then log in normally.

In the following screen click on jump start and continue. Now Jetpack is activated, make sure all the settings are set to ACTIVE. Look down and you will see this:

jetpack plugin tutorial install and optimize guide

We see some more features, which are offered from jetpack, that we will use in the future. If you browse them you will see that most of them are already installed, so you just need to configure them and that’s it.


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