How to create WordPress Multilingual Site – Tutorial

Create WordPress multilingual Site – Guide

Today we are going to talk about one of the create wordpress multilingual site tutorial guidemost important things
that will help us succeed in #theXperiment. It is very important that, in order to attract more viewers and make a bigger audience, we need to expand our language borders. Maybe you create a Web page in a country where several languages are spoken such as Canada and Switzerland. That means that we must create a WordPress multilingual Site that can deliver our content to everyone.

We have two main groups that we can choose from. Which way will you choose depends on how much time and money you want to spend. Please take in mind that the easy and free way is not the suggested, if you want to create a quality content website then you must sweat a little bit for that. But if you just want to make it easier and cost effective for you then you have an alternative too.

Take a look at the map below and you will understand which options are available to you:


Installing a WordPress Plugin in a simple WordPress environment. These options are the easiest ways to create a multilingual site. There are free and paid widgets from which you can choose from.


WordPress Multisite: A page for each language

It takes some time to choose the appropriate translation plan that meets your demands. In WordPress, you can find a list of multilingual plugins, but it offers no easy solution.

You must make clear to yourself some things:

  • Translation – Do you want it to be done by machines, or by a real translator?
  • Cost – What is your budget for your multilingual site?
  • Support – Do you need technical support?
  • Speed – Can you guarantee a good User-Experience without the affecting the speed of the website?
  • Size – How big is your Website?
  • Links – Does always every post and every page have a translation?

By answering the above questions, you will decide yourself which one meets your needs and go accordingly. In our website, we will use Polylang widget. Now go and install Polylang.

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