Semi-automatic machine translations WordPress Plugins

Semi-automatic machine translations WordPress Plugins Guide

In this guide will show you the options you have for Semi-automatic machine translations for WordPress websites. There are two Plugins that will offer such an option. Semi-automatic translation is a combination of automated translation and manual human translation.

1.Transposh WordPress Translation


Transposh is a free plugin for automatic translation. However, it has the advantage that allows a combination of machine and human translation. 92 languages are translated automatically and can be corrected with ease.

Advantages: It is free and allows to combine machine with human translation.

Disadvantages: The automatic translation is not very accurate that’s why manual rework are inevitable.

Conclusion: A good option for combining machine and manual translations.

2. GTranslate – Make your Website Multilingual

GTranslate-WordPress-Plugin-guide-multilanguage-website tech-profis


GTranslate is a program that uses Google Translator. With the free version you can only perform automatic translations (in 92 languages). With the premium version, you can manually improve your translations and make them look professional.

Advantages: Your site is immediately translated after installation (free version). You have different URLs for each language. The Spanish version, for example, looks like this: (Pro version) or (enterprise version).

You can manually change the translations, or buy professional translations direct from your blog or website (Pro and Enterprise version).

Disadvantages: The automatic translations are also not very accurate, so you should make manual enhancements using the Pro version ($ 105) or the enterprise version ($ 19.50 / month) in any case.

Conclusion: It is the best option for the combination of automatic and manual translations.

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