#theXperiment – How to be a successful Blogger – Youtuber?

How to be a successful Blogger Youtuber

My way to success! Successful Blogger and Youtuber

Hello world!! with this words I am going to start my “theXperiment” and introduce myself to all you guys who doesn’t know me…. for the moment I hope! Together we will make our way on how to be a successful blogger and Youtuber at the same time!

Basically, I’m starting to write this without even knowing what I’m going to write as it is the very first time since school that I’m writing an article kind of stuff! 🙂

Before I begin please consider that, English is not my mother language and  I think also that I am not so good at writing! So what its all about?


This is a project that came to my mind one day while I was working. I said to myself, how all these dudes, who I see every day on the Internet, on Youtube and other websites, can make a living from this. How did the do that? How did they start? Why couldn’t I be doing this? What should I do? How should I start? 

These thoughts came to my mind not by chance. Two years ago I started setting up some websites with Google ads and posted some videos on Youtube related to computer stuff, trying to make some extra cash. I managed to make almost 70€ every 2-4 months with just a little effort. But suddenly, on June 2016, I received a payment of 199€ on my bank account! I was amazed! how is that even possible? I checked my youtube channel and saw I had over 500,000 views on one of my videos! I double checked and saw that it was a combination of my websites and Youtube but mostly from Youtube. So I thought to myself, wow I can make a serious amount of money on that!

After that, I made some new videos and saw that I had bearly any views! I did a research and realized that I needed a way to promote my channel and my websites to make a revenue from ads. Then I came with the idea to make a blog, as I had some blog style websites already, and try to promote it alongside with some ads! The problem is that I don’t even know what to do and how to do that!

What is this #theXperiment thing in my title?

After all these thoughts I said to myself, why not write down everything that I’m doing and learning, and at the same time share it with everyone on the internet!! It is something like the “Backstage” that you know! By doing that I will achieve the following:

  • Everything will be recorded step by step.
  • We can help each other in order to be a successful blogger and YouTuber.
  • Build a community and friendship between all of us

Most important is that you can do the same and make our way to success TOGETHER!

We will write down every step, every move, everything and try to learn from each other, support each other, help in any possible way! Imagine after some years when we eventually succeed and became successful bloggers and YouTubers, share the same success story, talk about it and be proud of it!

The reason that I’m doing this is obvious I think. This can be the real answer to the question:

  • How to make a living online from Youtube and Blogging?

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